Investor Relations
Non-U.S. Public Finance Overview

MBIA has worked with public and private sector entities which provide essential public services for over 36 years. Since the early 1990’s, we have actively broadened our non-US Public Finance activity around the world, working with issuers from Chile to the UK to Australia to assist in the development and diversification of their capital resources. Through our six offices around the world, MBIA offers clients global product knowledge combined with local markets expertise to help obtain the most cost-effective financing available.

Our public finance analysts apply their combined language skills and regional experience with timely in-depth analysis to ensure the successful execution of transactions on behalf of our clients.

A financial guarantee provides an unconditional and irrevocable guarantee of debt service when due subject to the specific terms of each policy. MBIA typically reserves a right of acceleration if an insured obligation defaults (or another event transpires that triggers such a right) and also typically maintains control rights over the insured obligations.

MBIA’s surveillance team is the largest and most experienced in the industry and carefully monitors all insured obligations. From the earliest phases of implementation through the final maturity of a transaction, our team focuses on detecting any deterioration in credit quality or changes in the economic, political or regulatory environment which may adversely affect guaranteed obligations. If a problem is identified, the team will work with the relevant issuer and other interested parties to alleviate or remedy the problem in order to minimize potential defaults or the magnitude of any potential loss where a default has occurred.

For more information on our transactions, click here to view the Non-U.S. Public Finance Insured Portfolio.

The Benefits of an MBIA guarantee accrue to issuer and investor alike

For issuers:

• Provides greater access to the capital markets
• Lowers borrowing costs
• Broadens range of investors
• Assists in structuring of complex bond issues
• Lead point of contact for ongoing surveillance and transaction negotiations

For investors:
• Provides payment protection against issuer default
• Performs timely surveillance and pro-active remediation where required
• Enhances liquidity through expanded investor universe
• Facilitates investor-led structuring and risk assessment



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